About Jane


20150510_144625Lovely to meet you. 

I’m a business owner, wife, mum of two, travel-loving, nature lover and most definitely a people person!

Over the years, I’ve had jobs in Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, International Business Development, even image consultancy, appeared on radio and TV and run my own coaching business.

So how did I get into what I’m doing now?  

A few years ago I was round at a friend’s house.  She was a consultant for one of the major network marketing companies but was feeling demotivated: her confidence has disappeared, she didn’t want to make calls, felt overwhelmed by admin etc.  Anyway by the time I left, she’d made some calls, had a plan for the week and was super-motivated.  So much so that when she spoke to up-line manager that afternoon, her manager was amazed and asked:

“What’s happened to you?”

“Oh” she replied “I spent the morning with my friend Jane.”

“Well, said the manager, would your friend Jane please come and speak to the whole team?”


And I thought…’why not?’  

So I put a workshop together for the whole team which they loved, but I still didn’t realise that

This is what I was meant to do.

Eventually…..the penny dropped and I realised that motivating people is something I do naturally – for friends, family, my hairdresser, shop assistants, you name them – so maybe, just maybe, it’s what I should be doing full time!

Combine that with

my qualifications in marketing, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and experience in business (see below for details) I realised I have quite the package to offer and I put together a pilot programme.  Then, when everyone who’d been on that pilot programme, signed up (and paid up) to come on the first official Programme, I knew I was on to something.  Since then the programme has evolved.  The rest, as they say, is history – or my-story!

My programmes are designed to support you in business, break through any barriers which are stopping you and ultimately, just giving you the motivation, support and space to get the important things done. And they really do work!


“Jane’s integrity and grace naturally build trust and commitment in those who work with her individually or in a group. She has an intelligent, quick mind which adapts and supports in many different circumstances. She is great when you can’t see the wood for the trees. I benefit from her ability to identify priorities and her commitment to hold me accountable for my action and progress! Strongly recommend her as a practical motivator!”

Caroline Brading

Here’s the low down on me  

And in case you wanted to know any facts about me to trust you are in safe hands, here they are:

  •  I’ve worked for 14 years in international sales and marketing. 
  • I ran 5 successful international PR campaigns including radio and TV
  • I set up a business from scratch in the USA and sold it when I moved back to the UK.
  • I’ve always been particularly interested in working with and mentoring women in business and have been supporting women for over 16 years working with people from 20+ different cultures.
  • I’ve studied with numerous high level business mentors including Dr Joanna Martin, Bernadette Doyle, T Harv Ecker,  Catherine Watkin and Roger Hamilton
  • I’m NLP (Master Practitioner), Coaching, Marketing and CMB qualified.
  • I’m someone who takes on challenges and makes things happen! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you on one of my programmes soon.


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