An Amazing Lesson from the North Downs Way

North Downs WayAn Amazing Lesson from the North Downs Way

When I completed the North Downs Way on Sunday (including both alternative routes to Dover) – all 158 miles – it was wonderful but at the same time strangely unreal:

I wasn’t completely exhausted.  None of my muscles were screaming at me. I didn’t have any blisters…it all felt a bit too easy!

Why was that?  It was because it was an example of Jeff Olsen’s Slight Edge in action.  (If you haven’t read the book, then do.)  It was because I did it in bite-size pieces with consistent action over time.  I committed to doing the walk.  I put it on my Vision Board, I went public (told everyone via Facebook and this newsletter).   I broke the walk down into 9-10 mile stretches (completely do-able) and put them in the diary to do over the course of the year.  Then I simply did them.  It never occurred to me not to…..and sure enough I completed it!

Now being me I added in something which made it fun and easy:  I invited people to join me for as much or as little as they wanted (and here a huge thank you to Louise Cardon especially as well as Helen Walker, Cherry Douglas, Helen Adamou, Claire Bolsover, Richard Murray, Roger Bennett, Nancy Gilchrist and Pascale Atkinson.)  This gave me company on the walks, made logistics easier at the beginning and end of each section and also provided some accountability.

IMG_4138How you can use this:

If there’s something big you want to do:

  1. Set your intention to do it.
  2. Put a reminder on your Vision Board
  3. Go public and tell everyone you’re doing it (including me – I’ll support you!)
  4. Break it down into bite-size steps that are completely do-able
  5. Take consistent bite-sizee steps and just keep going
  6. Make it fun
  7. Make it logistically as easy as possible

You’ll have it done before you know it!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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