Business Success: 3 Top Tips on Dealing With Change


by Jane Bennett

Butterfly    Some people embrace change, some people purport to hate it, but things are always changing and actually we humans are very good at dealing with change – we just think we’re not!  

But nothing stays the same – everything is   changing – that’s life!

  Here are 3 of my top  tips to help you deal with change:


Instead of letting change happen to you all the time take control – decide what changes you want to have in your life and business.  Think it through, write it down, create a visionboard.    Include why it’s what you want: what will it mean for you.  All this will help you view change with excitement.

Get the support you need. Take some time to understand how you react to change so you can know what support you are likely to need.  Then find that support – be it professional or through friends.  Don’t kid your friends that you’re coping when you’re not – instead ask for their support and be specific –  It’s much easier for people to help when they know what will help.  Include key friends on your visionboard.

If you’re making changes, make sure you retain what’s good about your current situation.  If life is 50% good for you and 50% bad and all you achieve through change it’s to swap the halves over, it’s pointless.  However, some people are so busy getting away from what they don’t like, that they forget about the good things they already have and that’s exactly what happens!

Enjoy the ride!  

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