Business Success: Are you strong like a tree?

Business Success:  ARE YOU STRONG LIKE A TREE?  by Jane Bennett

Autumn treesNow is the time for trees to shed their leaves, they’ve done their photo-synthesizing during the summer and provided lots of nourishment for the plant.  Right now, it’s more important for the tree to use the nutrients to support its structure and roots, and provide for the new growth to come next spring.  And what a glorious process it is:  a beautiful array of colour allowing the tree to become lean and strong for the winter.

Is that process happening for you and your business too or are you storing “leaves” that you don’t need any more?  Are there ideas, habits, papers or physical possessions that have served their purpose but have now become a drain on your energy, filling up your precious time and space?

Then it’s time for a glorious autumnal letting go!

When people suggest de-cluttering or having a clear-out it sounds so negative, just getting rid of stuff.  Instead let’s conjure up a wonderful celebration of past glories and step towards what’s right for the coming season!  We have a busy time of year approaching, so we need to be focussing on what will serve us and and our business to make it as easy and fun as possible.  Here's how:

  • Get a clear vision of where you want your business and your life to head.  If you need help with that check out my Visionboard Workshop
  • Then over a couple of days monitor what you’re spending time on, what you’re thinking about and what you’re doing.  Notice what is helping you reach your vision or just habit.
  • Start to spend time only on things that nourish you and contribute to your positive vision of the future.
  • Apply the same thinking to filing – get rid of the deadwood!
  • And possessions – they may be just what someone else needs – and you can support a charity at the same time.

Remember, take it step by step – a tree doesn’t shed all of its leaves overnight.  It starts slowly.  Sometimes it will get a helping hand from its friend, the wind. The process happens over a month or so.

Once you begin the process, it’ll help you and your business be free, purposeful and strong, ready for the season ahead.

NB:  My visionboard workshop is all-inclusive, so you'll simply have to show up and then leave with your completed visionboard.



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