Business: What to do in December?

Business:  What to do in December

by Jane Bennett

Next week we’ll be in December, so I’m wondering what kind of month is December for your business?  Is it a really good month because you sell a lot as Christmas presents or is it a pretty dismal month?  Well what I want to draw your attention to, is your attitude around December.


I hear lots of people saying things like “well there’s not point in doing that until the New Year.”   Now in some cases that may be valid, but often it’s just writing off the month of December.  Why?  You wouldn’t write off a whole month that easily any other time of the year – it’s a whole 12th of the year…..of opportunity, of time, of the possibility to give your business one last hoorah for 2013.

Before you jump up and say that you have way too much other stuff to do in December and you’re not Superwoman, I agree.  I have a family too, loads of Christmas presents to buy, Christmas to organise and all the extra demands of the schools that happen in December.

My point is though, make it a considered decision:  

Decide how much you can do in December and do it! 

Decide how much extra time you want to take off and take it!

But DO NOT just go through December feeling stressed, continuing to work (sort of) but not getting results because it’s all rather half hearted.  That will only lead to disappointment:  you will have been trying to do everything and not doing anything properly.

Apologies is this sounds like a rant but I think it’s really important.  I don’t want you to get to Christmas feeling frazzled by life and frustrated with your business. 

It’s YOUR business – you decide! 

Already reached overhwhelm, or just want some help deciding on priorities? – get in touch – two minds are better than one! 


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