Chocolate and Marketing….

Chocolate and Marketing….

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Easter's almost here, so what do chocolate and marketing have in common?

  • Chocolates.Good chocolate is good for you –  Good marketing is good for your business
  • Good chocolate makes you feel special – Good marketing makes your customer feel special
  • Suddenly eating too much chocolate makes you groan “No more! ” – Suddenly receiving too much marketing makes your customer groan ”no more”
  • You appreciate chocolate when it’s there in that moment when you need it. – Your customer will buy when your marketing is there just when they need it.
  • Good chocolate makes you want more – good marketing makes your customer want more
  • Bad chocolate makes you feel sick – Bad marketing makes your customer feel sick!
  • People eat chocolate for emotional reasons – marketing works best on an emotional level.
  • People eat chocolate when they have problems – people will eat up your marketing if it speaks to their problems.

When in doubt think Chocolate!

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