Happy New Year! – but hold on a minute!

Happy new yearHappy New Year! – but hold on a minute!

Is your inbox like mine: full of emails and posts on social media telling you how to create the best 2015 ever? Sign up for this, subscribe to that, join this retreat…….

Whilst I absolutely wish you the very best year ever in 2015- in whatever way is right for you – there really is no cause for panic.

You’ll probably agree that just because we are moving from one year to the next doesn’t mean that you have to re-write your goals, that there is one way of planning that is the best, or that there won’t be any more courses or retreats available once the year starts! (I can guarantee there will be!)  So here’s my advice:

Do it your way:

Last year we did take time as a family, creating our plans for 2014. We spent an afternoon as a family, each making our plans: My daughter painted a collage-like picture of all that she wanted, my son wrote a description like a video game character description – including being 5’8” which he now is! – my husband did a huge mindmap and then prioritised, and I worked out how I wanted to feel and be and what I needed to do to make that happen. So each to their own! Do what inspires YOU!

Do it when you want to:

As you know – I’m sure you do by now! – I do believe in Vision Boards (and a new selection of dates are coming soon) but my point is they are equally valid whether you create them on December 31st, in July, or in any other month.

Similarly there may be courses, programmes and/or retreats that you want to do, but when is the right time for you?

It’s your life, live it your way and do things when you want to.

Listen to you heart and have a fabulous 2015.

With love.

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