How to check you have the right goals for you:

Don’t be one of the many who have already given up on their dreams for this year!

How to check you have the right goals for you:

Are they really yours, or are they goals you think you should have?  It’s so important that you haven’t adopted goals that someone else, or something else has put into your head.  If you’re fighting yourself along the way, it’s way too much like hard work for you to be successful!

Are they from your heart?  Yes – from the heart.  Even if you’re running a business, you have to truly want to achieve your goals in your heart.

Do they align with your values?  If any of your goals will mean you have to violate a value that is really important to you, you stand very little chance of reaching it.

Are you happy to give up whatever you need to give up to achieve your goals?  To create the time in the day, or the headspace or develop the right beliefs, you will probably need to let go of some activities, habits and beliefs.

All these are things we check in the Vision Board Workshop.  If you have any doubts or you’re not clear about your goals (or you’d like a powerful Vision Board to support your goals) I highly recommend you come along. You can book your place here:

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