How to Find the Time

How to Find the Time

Just when I wasn’t going to write about walking (!) I received an email in response to my recent post: the Amazing Lesson from my North Downs Way walk, asking:

“I am sure you are a very busy lady and with family too,  so  I am wondering how  you…..
• created or found the time
• what you postponed 
• What got “not done” or……! to release sufficient hours….and energy too”
sunsetI thought I’d answer here in the hope that you find it useful too. I’ll take it one point at a time and put in bold what I think are the key things.

1. How I created/found the time. Because I have a family it would have been much more complicated to take off for 10-14 days to do the whole thing, so instead I decided to fit it around my life, and do it on a series of Sundays over the year. My family can survive a day without me – in fact I think it’s good for them! During the Christmas break I took out a calendar and scheduled approximately two walks a month.

2. What I postponed: nothing!  I worked around what was already in my diary and later rescheduled (not skipped) a few dates to manage other things that came up, like our family holiday which we actually took earlier than usual this year for various reasons. I believe you can always find time for the things you really want to do, as long as you prioritise them.

3. What got “not done”:   Obviously over the course of the year other opportunities came up – when they were important to me I re-scheduled the walk. On other occasions I knew the walk was more important to me. Also, my husband cooked and looked after the children, when I might have, but equally he might have too. As women we often think we’re indispensable in the home – it’s amazing how children and husbands can cope if we give them the chance! They were thrilled with my achievement too.

In terms of energy, I think doing the walk gave me more energy – the fitness, the sense of purpose and the achievement.

To sum up, if there’s something you want to do, make it happen. The hardest thing for me was getting myself to sit down and schedule the dates, but it didn’t take long when I did!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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