How To Get Your Ship To Come In

How To Get Your Ship To Come In

ship to come inYou know the expression about your ship coming in, meaning that success has arrived for you.  It comes from the time when merchants sent out their ships to exotic places and literally waited for their ship to come in.  A ship arriving laden with exotic cargo to be sold, would ensure their wealth.

What’s important to remember is that if you didn’t send out a ship, there’s no point in waiting for your ship to come in!  You can think of marketing this way….how many ship’s have you sent out this week, this month?   Your ships can be mentioning your business in conversation, networking, mailing, advertising, pr, leaflets, etc.

You can take the analogy further, like making sure your ships have the best navigation to reach the places offering the best returns.

Many of the merchants’ ships never returned, but the more ships you send out and the better your navigation, the more will return riches to you.

Make is fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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