How to set yourself up for success every day

How to set yourself up for success every day

I’ve been thinking about routines and success as we transition from school holidays to term time.  In the holidays the chance to stay in bed later than 6.15am is very welcome, but I’ve noticed it takes me much longer to get into the swing of the day.

What’s your routine?

Whether you have school-age children or not I bet you have a morning routine.  Routines are habits and like all habits they can work for or against you, so my question to you today is:

Does your routine serve you? – here’s how to tell:

Does it set you up with a positive attitude for the day?

Do you start the day feeling in control?

Does whatever you have for breakfast sustain you and keep you healthy?

Choose a routine that works for you

OutsideWe are all different so what works for me, may not work for you.  What set’s you up best?  Do you prefer to plan your day before breakfast so you feel in control, or do you need quiet time at the start of your day?  There are no right and wrong answers, but I do urge you to review your routine and make any changes that can improve your life.  Mornings happen every day so this really does affect you whole life!

This is the view from where I’m working today.  As you know I love being outside, so when I can I absolutely take advantage of the good weather.

Make it fun, Make it easy, Make it happen!

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