It’s a Mistake!

It’s a Mistake!

women-697928_640That doesn’t sound like my usual positive self, does it?  What I’m talking about is the way we can be tempted to put things off until we’re ready or we have enough time.  Well the truth is, you’ll probably never be totally ready (there’s always more you can do, but don’t necessarily need to do) and there are always going to be demands on your time.

So I urge you, prepare by all means, but do, do, do take action!  You can gain valuable learnings from anything that doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped and do a brilliant job the next time.

Putting things off until we know what we’re doing is a learned behaviour.  If it was something we were born with we’d all still be lying in cots, waiting until we knew how to roll over, pull up on the bars, sit up, etc.  It’s a learned behaviour so we can let it go.  It’s your life, live it!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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