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A 9-Week Accountability &

Getting Stuff Done’ Programme

To Really Move Your Business Forward

Make It Fun! Make It Easy! Make It Happen!

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Are you guilty of knowing what needs to be done in your business but never get round to doing it?

You know what I mean right?  Those days when you focus on the small, easy tasks rather than tackle the big tasks or projects that are actually going to make a difference to your bottom line!

And don’t worry if you answered yes to because we all do it!

Well, good news!

Because in my Let’s Get It Done Programme what I do is get people together over a 9 week period solely to get stuff done.

There’s no other fancier way of putting it (believe me I did search!) so in a nutshell this one of a kind programme is about putting 10 people together in a supportive and fun group, guided by myself, to help you get stuff done.

The “stuff” can range from blog posts, social media campaigns, writing copy for your website, doing SEO, making sales calls, creating your free giveaway for your website, filming a video series, getting started on your book  – basically all the horrid, out of our comfort zone tasks we put off day to day, week to week.

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We actually set a time to do those tasks within each group session and I check in at the end of that time to check you did it or to find out what problems arose and help you to overcome them.

You see, the bottom line is – if we don’t get this stuff done then our business doesn’t move forward and we don’t increase our client base or our profits.

So if we know we ought to be doing this stuff, why don’t we do it?!

One of the main reasons we don’t get stuff done, I think, is because as entrepreneurs or business owners you’ve set out, or are setting out, to run your own business and yet ….

  • You miss the support of a team.

  • You find it quite stagnant working from home and would benefit from the group energy of an office (or physical workplace) working around you – without actual going to the office!

  • You have to be your own boss and time management expert and run all parts of the business by yourself and this can be overwhelming –  so you don’t know where to start or which bits of the business to focus on first

  • You’re juggling the demands of family life with managing your career.

With all this going on, it’s easy to lose focus on the important tasks and go into overwhelm. It’s common to procrastinate and talk yourself out of doing the ‘horrible’ things that need doing.  It’s all too simple to just not get stuff done.

In my programme, there’s no chance of any of that happening.

You have the group energy (whose encouragement is priceless) and on top of that you have my experience and expertise to help kick you up the butt or help you get unstuck – whatever you need most!

Plus working in a group of intelligent, go-getting, like-minded females is a whole lot more fun than working alone!

Group hoorah!


Ultimately you’ll feel supported and 100% back in control and get stuff done! Which means you’ll feel better about yourself and your business, and hopefully start to increase your bottom line.


What To Expect From my 9-week ‘Let's Get It Done!’ Programme:

Here's a recap of what’s in store for you:

  1. Motivation: Throughout the programme you’ll receive ideas, encouragement, recommendations and lots more to keep you upbeat and moving forwards.

  2. Focus: Each week you’ll get super focused on what you’re going to work on and get done during the session. You’ll be amazed how positive you’ll feel afterwards and how this focus will roll into the week ahead.

  3. Accountability: Here’s a funny thing about humans. When you tell everybody else in the group that you’re going to do something and then know you’ll be forced to tell them whether you did it or not, this will give you the extra fuel you need to get it done. Then you get to celebrate with everyone cheer leading your successes.

  4. Learning: You’ll receive a fount of ideas, knowledge and experience from myself and the other participants.

  5. Coaching: During the sessions, I (and my NLP & coaching expertise) make the time to help you blast through any blocks and find a way forward, so no more ‘stuckness’.

  6. Team atmosphere: We’re in it together!   There’s something really powerful about group energy that will help you come up with new ideas, and feel really confident and positive about what you’re doing.

  7. Get stuff done: Need I say more?!








    About Me

    In case you don’t know much about me, here’s a few pieces of information to let you know you are in safe, supportive and experienced hands:

    • I’ve worked for 14 years in international sales and marketing.

    • I ran 5 successful international PR campaigns including radio and TV

    • I set up a business from scratch in the USA and sold it when I moved back to the UK.

    • I’ve always been particularly interested in working with and mentoring women in business and have been supporting women for over 16 years working with people from 20+ different cultures

    • I’ve studied with numerous high level business mentors including Dr Joanna Martin, Bernadette Doyle, Catherine Watkin, T Harv Ecker, Roger Hamilton and more.

    • I’m NLP qualified to Master level, a certified coach, and have diploma from the Institute of Marketing.

    • I’m someone who takes on challenges – latest one is coaching in French!



  • If you have so much to do and yet you are not getting it done

  • If you want to see tangible results from a specific project or campaign

  • If you’re juggling the work/life balance and not succeeding

  • If you constantly feel like you’re battling against the clock or in overwhelm

  • And finally, if you know what you need to do but need a kick to actually do it, this programme is most definitely for you!

Anyone is welcome to join us but to give you an idea, typically the majority of my clients are female heart-based entrepreneurs or business owners who are on their own in their business.

Participants range from people working in the wellness industry, to coaches, network marketers, entrepreneurs, HR professionals, creatives and people starting up in business.

So now let’s look at the specifics of what is actually involved in the programme and what you receive….


Let's Get It Done! Programme

Value: £995.50 (but not the programme price!)

Each 9-week programme contains a maximum of 7 people as this allows me to give more individual attention.

The next start date is May 12th 2014.

The 8 sessions are weekly and are 2.5hrs long. (We take one week off for half-term.)  and take place on Skype – you can see everyone in the group.   You do need to be there in person – even on Skype – as the whole point of this programme is taking part! 

Now here’s the magical secret about this programme….

There is no set content.

This is such a bespoke, personalized programme that is focused on ‘doing’ not teaching, that I simply can’t tell you what will come up! You determine the content, not me. Each session we brainstorm what you want to achieve and then we have a break where you go away and achieve it!

Typically during the sessions, past participants have:

Ultimately whatever you bring to the table is what you will get done.

Also included:

A one-to-one session with me (worth £85) before the programme starts, to help you get really clear on your goals for the programme and how you're going to achieve them, AND I get to know you and what will help you the most.

This personalised help from me will truly accelerate your progress during these 9 weeks and mean you can make great headway on big campaigns or projects you have been particularly stalling on/or stuck about.

Plus 3 Free Bonuses:

Bonus 1:

Value: £19.99

Instant Clarity Audio MP3

If you get stuck or overwhelmed or lose focus between the sessions then this audio will get straight you back on track.

Bonus 2:

Value: £280

Let's Do Some PR

PR is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of getting some serious publicity for your business and yet lots of people shy away from it. This starter kit gives you valuable guidance to get you going, from PR Professionals Jane Rogers of Jane Rogers PR and Carol Ann Walters of CAW PR.

   finalCAWPR logo

Bonus 3: 

Value: Priceless

Daily (weekday) Audio Messages from Me

Day to day inspiration, thoughts, tips, ideas and a cheery start to the day.

Liz Testimonial


Your investment

The price of this programme is a lot less than the total value you're getting.  Basically you’ll have over 22 hours of my time – including coaching, accountability and support – at a fraction of the cost!

PLUS you’re actually doing the work with me right here and now which in itself is priceless!

I’m not just coaching you to go away and do the work and then see you one week later to check in whether you’ve done it or not (and then rap you over the knuckles when you haven’t!).

We set your targets IN the session and then we do the work there and then.

You get stuff done.

In fact it’s that effective that ALL 5 people from the pilot programme I ran jumped at the chance to join me again. They were proud of how productive they had been and they loved the results they had achieved in 9 short weeks.

There are only 7 places on the programme

if you’re hesitating even over having a conversation, just take a minute to think about what hesitating is costing your business.

Do you really want more procrastination, stalling, overwhelm, poor results and underachievement?

Or do you want things to change?

It’s my hope that you can recoup the cost of your investment by taking part in this programme by knuckling down and reaching your goals.

It’s my aim that you finish the programme on a glowing, confident buzz of achievement.

It’s my rock solid intention you get stuff done.

Please note, as I prefer small intimate groups, I can only accept 7 people at any one time, so if you want to reserve your spot, check out the different investment opportunities below and decide which one works best for you.

A: Cheapest Option – Best Deal

Make one payment of just £397 by Paypal or Credit Card

B. Instalment Plan

Make 2 monthly payments of £209 (total £418) by Paypal or Credit Card 


Satisfaction Guaranteed100% Money Back Guarantee

Because I’m so convinced you will get results from this programme, I’m offering you a 100% money back guarantee. If by the end of session 3 you have accomplished nothing new and are no further along in your goals, and you can look me in the eye and tell me you have done everything I suggested, then I will happily refund you the full amount.

So really trying out this programme is completely risk-free.

All that’s left for me to say is if you really want to start your year with a flourish, and really focus on making 2014 all you want it to be, then join me and the other ladies and get stuff done!

With love, motivation and bundles of energy,



PS  Remember I can only accept 7 people per programme so if you really want to start as you mean to go on – efficiently and productively – and you want to get things done, book your place ASAP


To make one payment: 


2-part payment:




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