Let’s Get It Done! Spring 2019

Your Invitation


I would love you to join me on a Let’s Get It Done! Programme starting March 4th

This is about supporting you to get a project, or a phase of a project, done.   It’s amazing how projects that are really important to us can get pushed back and pushed back, so this is to make sure a project that is important to you gets done.   It can be a business or a personal project, just something that it important to YOU.  

Over 6 weeks you’ll have Let’s Get It Done! Days when we all get “doing” on our projects, you’ll have the support of everyone involved in our private group on Facebook,  you’ll have the energy and momentum of our group, you’ll have lots of encouragement, you’ll have the accountability and maybe even the practical help – we’ll have a whole lot of skills between us.  Plus, as I like everything to be fun, we shall be playful along the way!

Don’t underestimate the power of all these things, and when we bundle them together…..watch this space and complete your project with ease.

How it will work:

We’ll meet online via Zoom on day one to discuss everyone’s project, so we can get prepare for our first Let’s Get It Done! day.  Over the programme we’ll have six Let’s Get It Done! Days, some weekdays, some Saturdays.  In between we’ll support each other in our private group on Facebook.  I’ll be there to nudge, support and of course celebrate with you along the way and share any tools that will help you move forward.   Then we’ll all celebrate at the end!  

Please – It is OK if you can’t make every date, that’s why I haven’t specified them here: once you sign up you will be part of the group, you will have the energy of the group, and have our support.

♥ The first three people to sign up will also get a one-to-one call with me 

♥ Plus they’ll be little extras along the way for everyone. ♥ 


What will it cost?  

 £57   A commitment to you and the life your heart really wants.  I believe that as well as completing your project you will get so much more from this experience.

How to Join:




A little word about decisions.   

PLEASE trust your gut and just make your decision.  Indecision is a drain on us, it’s another thing hanging over us.  If you make a decision you can move on, and movement (of thought or physical) is what gets things done!   Whatever decisions you make, you can grow and learn from them.

I’m so looking forward to this new journey together  ♥ ♥