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To_do-150x150Make It Happen!

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Are you guilty of deliberating over things too much? (Call it procrastination if you will!)  A while ago I noticed I was developing a habit of looking at something that needed attention, doing a bit of investigating without making any decisions and stopping before it was done. 

What’s that?  A waste of time!  It sounds harsh, but it meant the next time I had to start all over again.  Hmm – is that really how you want to use your time? 

Far more effective is to go through the list of what you have to do, then prioritise and then:

Just Do It! 

No excuses, no prevaricating, just do it.

Quite often we put off our really important projects because they mean so much to us and seem really big, but then…..they don’t get done. How disappointing is that?

The trick is to break the project down into small action steps and take them one at a time.  That way you’ll get your project done!  It will happen!

So, enough distraction from me!   What is the next action step?  Now do it!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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