Managing Business & Christmas

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Less than two weeks to go until Christmas – are you getting frantic! As home life increases it’s pressures are you rushing around the shops more, staying up late ordering on online, worrying about getting everything done….and consequently feeling overwhelmed when you face your work to-do list? 

If that’s you then STOP! Here are some tips that will help you keep calm, carry on and bring love and laughter into your Christmas. We want you awake and happy on Christmas day, not resentful and exhausted!

  1. Stop! Breathe, make a cup of tea and think of all the successes you’ve had this year. Breathing, tea (or your favourite cuppa) and positive thoughts are always helpful!
  2. Check you list of things to do (both work and home) and ask yourself what doesn’t really have to be done – weigh up the relief of crossing it off the list with the benefit it would bring. I’m sure you’ll find a few ‘nice to have’ items that are now just adding pressure. Let them go!!
  3. Then for the rest of the list remind yourself WHY each item is there. Then ask yourself how can I achieve this result more easily? How could I delegate this? – be creative!
  4. photoOnce you have your more focussed list ask yourself “How can I make this fun?” Why not have a mince pie and put on some Christmas music whilst you work or as a reward when you finish a job? Similarly I sometimes go somewhere I don’t know to buy presents because the novelty of being somewhere different sparks new ideas and I have fun exploring! (If that would stress you out more, don’t do it – do what would be fun for you!)
  5. Keep breathing, keep having cups of tea, keep your successes in mind and carry on!
  6. And finally when Christmas arrives (which it will very soon) let go of anything that isn’t done and enjoy the moment!

Still need more help deciding on priorities? – get in touch – two minds are better than one!

Wishing you joy in your preparations and a Christmas full of love, laughter and good health.


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