One Thing That Made All The Difference

One Thing That Made All The Difference

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Isn’t it funny how among all the training, all the contacts, all the pieces of “know-how” out there, just one thing can make all the difference.  That was true of me in my business:   The one thing I needed to learn was how to be true to myself.  Not in a general, "yes, this is me!" kind of way, but really true to myself.

But what does that mean?  Do you know how? – I didn’t!!  It wasn't until I did a Wealth Dynamics profile test that I discovered what it involves.  It's pretty detailed but these are the main points:

  • Playing to your strengths   You may think you do, but what about all those attributes you have that are so natural to you that you don’t even think about them.  I hadn’t even acknowledged that I naturally encourage people and get them to believe they can do things and then I get them to do them – despite the fact that all my friends and colleagues would tell you that.   The fact is we’re all different and other people will pay good money for some of your qualities that you take for granted!  The first thing you have to do is recognise the value in those attributes yourself.
  •  Jane andBeing yourself:  In the early days I was always trying too hard to be “professional” and not letting my personality through.  Since my highest value is integrity, my own personal standards are professional anyway, but I was trying to be professional by suppressing myself!  Hmm…not really a recipe for success.
  • Knowing what support you need:  If you’re really busy with your business and like me juggling lots of other responsibilities too, you probably know that you need (and would love) some support in your business – I certainly managed to work that out!  Plus I knew, as you probably do, what jobs I wanted to delegate first: all the ones I hated doing of course.  But who to?  The fact is we need people who have different skills from us, who will love (not hate) the jobs we delegate and do them really well.  What we don't need is a replica of ourselves – wonderful though we are!

So doing this test had a profound effect on the way I think about my skills and how I behave in my business…and it gave me the confidence to build my team ( I love it when someone else is happy to do what I hate doing).  There are plenty of other personality profile tests out there and you may have your own preference, but for me this one was different:  rather than just give me that glow of recognition “Ooh yes, that’s me, I do that!”, for the first time I was able to understand how to put the knowledge to use in my business.   The upshot is my business is much more successful and I am much happier.

Maybe you've got it all figured out already, but If you want to find out more about the test just click on one of the Wealth Dynamics links.

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