Overwhelm and Teabags!

Overwhelm and Teabags!


Why overwhelm and teabags in the same sentence?  Comfort, yes!  And… you’ve probably heard this.

“A woman is like a teabag, you don’t know how strong she is until she’s in hot water.”

Well, why do we wait until the water is absolutely boiling?  Often with day-to-day challenges and stresses, women seem to forget all about the real reserve of strength which lies within.  Yes, everyone can recall an example of when they’ve really pulled through something difficult and yet, for whatever reason we don’t seem to access this resource as often as we could.

So – When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just having a “bad day”.  STOP!  Take some deep breaths and remember who you are:

A capable, loving woman: Someone who has coped and who can cope.  

STOP and re-connect with yourself!   Draw on your strength, just one cup of tea at a time if you like, and then do what really needs doing first.  Think of the advice you’d give a friend in overwhelm.

Once you’ve stopped, taken the breaths, and taken time to enjoy who you are.  It only takes a few moments.  The overwhelm will subside and you’ll be clearer about what actually needs doing  (rather than all those things that it would be good to get done, but actually in the greater scheme of things could wait or not even get done at all!)

But why wait for the hot water? Unlike a teabag, you have freewill. Draw on your strength whenever you need it – today and everyday. The teabag is just a useful metaphor – it’s you that’s important. You don’t need overwhelm.

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