Prepare for What You Want

20150510_144625Prepare for What You Want

In December I decided that I wanted to do more walking.  It’s something that I love and I wanted it to be a bigger part of my life, so I put walking pictures on my Vision Board,  started walking every single day and I organised my North Downs Way Adventure.  Then along comes this Corsica opportunity – a last minute chance to replace someone on a week’s challenging hiking trip.

Here’s the important piece:  If the opportunity had come along a year ago, I wouldn’t have been physically prepared for such a demanding walk and despite saying how much I love walking I would have had to turn down the opportunity.  How sad is that?  But now I have been triply rewarded.  I’ve love my daily walks, I’m loving the North Downs Way and now I get a bonus!

So what do you want in your business or your life?  How can you prepare the way so that you can take advantages of opportunities when they show up?  Pick one thing that you want to be doing or have happening, and work out how you can help it happen.  Make sure you’re ready.

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