Say Yes!

Say Yes!

Judging with Jonathon Pfahl and Elliot Kay at Pony Express

Judging with Jonathon Pfahl and Elliot Kay at Pony Express

Since coming back from holiday all sorts of opportunities have come up for me (I’ve only been back a couple of weeks!):  We received an offer on our house and we said yes, even though we haven’t found where we’ll be moving to yet (yikes!);  I’m working on another business which works alongside mine (yikes!), I was invited to be a judge at the Pony Express speakers group (yikes!), and I’m now a speaker coach for TedX Youth in Croydon (more yikes!)

I said yes to all these new challenges but don’t for one moment think there was no trepidation!   Hence all the ‘yikes!’.   The old inner voice saying “Really? You think you can do this?”  was still nagging me.  Nerves kicked in so my stomach was churning …..but I chose to ignore it!  I chose to apply something I read earlier this year, to consider my fear as boring!

I would not have predicted any of those things six months ago!   Yet, they all work well for getting me to my vision.  You’ve probably heard me (and others) say that you must create a clear vision but let go of the how.  Then tell you to take action.  Sometimes that seems contradictory, but here’s how it can work:

What you can do:

Say YES1.You can prepare yourself: mentally and physically and educate yourself so that you’re ready when opportunities arise.

2. You can have your own plan but be open to opportunity – have your radar switched on so you notice the opportunities that are around you.

3.  You can say yes!  Not everything will be for you, but you’ll know deep down if it is.  If it’s only fear that’s stopping you, then treat that as boring and say yes anyway!

I’d love to hear your stories of saying yes despite the fear!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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