Sleeping in a cave – and what that means for you:

Sleeping in a cave – and what that means for you:

La_Grotte__Jane_BennettYes, I slept in a sort of cave, but what does that have to do with you?  Well, it’s about being open-minded; that the solution to a problem may not lie where you think it does.

We took one look and the tiny dormitory for 16 people with no window where we were supposed to sleep and weren’t enthused to say the least.  But what were our choices?  Putting up with it or sleeping outside.  We mentioned that to our host, who said we couldn’t sleep outside because of the animals, but  her son said:  “I could show them ‘La Grotte’, the cave.”  She thought we wouldn’t want to sleep there, but we wanted to see.

It was perfect:  It was private, it was an adventure, we could have as much air as we wanted, and we didn’t have to sleep in the dormitory.

Your situation

So, if you have a situation which you don’t like, don’t just look at the obvious choices.  Step back and ask yourself:  ‘How could I solve this differently?’  or ‘How could I do this another way?’  You’ll be surprised how many options there are when you change your perspective.

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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