The Easy Way To Reach Your Goals

JaneBennett-37The Easy Way To Reach Your Goals

I’ve walked 100 miles!   If you think of walking 100 miles, it seems like a long, long way, but when I had completed it on Sunday I didn’t even realise….not until I decided to tot up all the sections of my North Downs Way walk that I’d completed!

OK my real goal is the entire length of the North Downs Way but it’s within easy reach now, and it occurred to me that how I’ve done this is a wonderful example of the easy way to reach a goal.

(This picture is actually of me with my pristine North Downs Way book before I started!)

Here’s what I mean:

Set a clear goal:  for me Walk the North Downs Way

Break it down into easy to do chunks:  Why put yourself through misery when it can be fun and easy?   I put 8/10-mile days into the diary.  Oh yes, make sure you plan when you’re going each chunk.

Don’t worry about all the “how’s” at the start – you may not have all the answers when you start.  I plan the logistics for each section after I’ve finished the one before.  You’ll learn lots along the way.

Surround yourself with allies:  Having people around you to help, support and believe in you makes all the difference.  I invited friends to walk with me for as few or as many days as they’d like – it makes it fun and simplifies logistics.  You don’t have to have them all lined up at the beginning (I didn’t!)

Keep Going:  Simply do as you’ve planned.  OK, I’ve had to change a few dates for things I couldn’t foresee when I planned it, but I’m still on target to reach my goal.  It’s gone really quickly and I’m nearly there.

How can you apply this to reach your goals easily and effectively?  I’d  love to hear your comments or your tips for reaching goals – leave a comment below.

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