Top Tips to Create More Time:

Top Tips to Create More Time:

Nearly everyone I meet complains of not having enough time and whilst your relationship with time is a whole area to explore, today I’d like to give you an easy way to create more time:

Be proactive! 

How your diary pans out is how your life pans out so it’s really important that you plan it. Here are my top tips for how to do that:

  • Take control of your diary – don’t let it control you!
  • Manage what goes in when – organise your days so you don’t have lots of short appointments breaking up your days with wasted time in between.
  • Look at your week ahead and work out how you can improve your use of time.
  • Review your systems regularly and automate what you can.
  • Allocate time for “you-time” and do something you’ll really enjoy (you’ll feel like you have more time overall)

And if you didn’t see this – make sure you do:

Ann is my go-to person as far as money management goes and she has a free video series running for a short time to help you be proactive with your money management. I wouldn’t go on about it except that she is so good and makes it really easy to understand and do.  Here’s what the first video is about:

  • How to increase your income;
  • How to get assets into your life, working for you easily and safely and in a way that doesn’t need you to spend loads of time;
  • How to create a passive income stream business, from as little as $50 a month and less than 6 hours a year;
  • An insider secret that will earn 70% more income for you; (you can’t afford not to know this)
  • How to manage your money effectively, so you can live a great life now and know you’ll be safe and secure financially in your old age

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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