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LucyGrainge“Jane builds confidence in you and she is someone who likes to give you lots of practical things you can use straight away.  You can feel like you can start making a difference. Even if the fundamental issues are too big to tackle in one go, Jane will break things down for you into smaller chunks.  She focuses on identifying what it is for you – it might be something small – that takes up an inordinate amount of energy.  Sometimes you just need to get done what is taking up your emotional energy even if your intellectual head is telling you there are other more important things to do.  She helps you to getting order and control in your home life that can allow you to focus on your business.”

Lucy Grainge



NancyGilchrist“When I first started with Jane I had a great many ideas and not enough structure. I was spending a lot of time trying to tie all the strands together without a firm grasp of what I was really trying to achieve.

Jane worked with me on many levels, both professional and personal, and helped me create more structure in my approach. She also helped me gain more belief in myself and my aims. One especially powerful session was when she helped me re-discover the confidence I had had in the past.

Now, I have a clear sense of direction and this not only makes my work more efficient and effective but makes everything so very much more enjoyable. I have achieved several of my goals ahead of time and the others are evolving well.

I would recommend Jane to anyone because she is practical, supportive, imaginative, encouraging and a good listener. I particularly liked working with her because as a working woman and a mother I felt she was on the same wavelength. I really felt I had an ally.”

Nancy Gilchrist



LouiseCardon“I was looking for business support; a new way of looking at things; and someone to hold me accountable when I started working with Jane.  I was trying to move my business forwards rather than being stagnant. I wanted to get more clients and look at different ways of doing things. I had met Jane at a networking meeting and liked her. She has a different perspective on things.  Her personality and the fact that I had seen her results with other people made me choose her.  She really holds you accountable, she has lots of motivational ideas, she gives plenty of support and she is really encouraging. ”

Louise Cardon



DominiqueNok“Thank you Jane for the session today! Your knowledge and ability to translate what people actually want (and me realizing what it is) into action exceeded my expectation. Thank you for helping me to find my spark again! You rock!”

Dominique Nok



HelenAdamou“I set up my own company from home, after working for people for over 20 years.  Although I had lots of great ideas and knew it was the right thing for me to do. I found it very lonely, quite tough to keep myself motivated and know if I was doing the right or wrong things. I was trying to do everything on my own, which clearly was not working.

Then I met Jane and she seemed to see my potential and could see through the negativity. Yeah!!!

We discussed my challenges, issues and Jane always pointed out my positives.  She helped me to make sense of all the ideas floating around in my head and put them into practice. Jane would also keep me on track and ensure that the items we discussed at our previous meeting had been done.

Now I love working for myself, I have got my enthusiasm and positivity back. I am getting more enquiries and turning them into clients.

Jane has such a bubbly and friendly attitude it is infectious and exactly what I needed. She manages to get you in the right frame of mind so you can tackle even the most difficult task you have been avoiding.   Jane encourages you every step of the way. I feel with Jane’s help I have turned myself around and  now I turn up at meetings with great confidence. I am a happy Business woman.”

Helen Adamou



“Thank you Jane for helping me take action. I’d been avoiding a project I knew needed doing – making a video for my website – and you gave me the confidence and support to get it done. I’m really pleased with the result.”

Denise Estcourt-Sanderson



“Jane is an extremely personable, bubbly and focused coach. My experience of her coaching has had an extremely productive impact on me through her incisive questions and her attentive listening. In a twenty minute session she enabled me to explore a jumble of thoughts easily, to find clarity and purpose to take action.”

Kathryn Jones



Jana close-up“The biggest benefit for me was the ‘tools’ Jane taught me to use – those tools which help me overcome tough moments. I feel more ready to take on challenges, I believe in myself. I started doing what I used to talk about for ages!”

Jana Hamrsmidova



Timea Kristoff“I have been working with Jane for a couple of months now and I’d like to describe her as a very patient, wise and intuitive coach. I love her fantastic questions, which hit home instantly, which just make you laugh at your own problems. I admire her energy, creativity and attention to little details. I always feel ‘at home’ when I talk to her. Thank you for being my coach, Jane. :-)”

Timea Kristoff



“I run a children’s home in Kenya and have been thrown into a serious mothering role with a dozen darling children and no kids of my own. In an half hour coaching session with Jane, she delved into some deep and critical issues that were detrimentally affecting my relationship with a twelve year old boy in my home. Jane you can’t know just how useful that session was for me and what a great impact it has had on my relationship with James. And, I learned (again) that you are really good at what you do!”

Nina Chung




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