Business Help: What To Do When Things Go Wrong

What to do when Things Go Wrong:

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Late Meet PhoneYou have everything planned, you’re all organised and then something happens and puts a spanner in the works!  How do you cope?  Do you lose the plot and declare it all a disaster or do re-arrange your thoughts and your plans and carry on?

Nobody has a completely smooth journey running their business (or life!) so the important thing is to develop ways of coping when suprises (not always good) are thrown your way.   Here are my top tips for dealing with those annoying (metaphorical) spanners:

In the moment:

Either feel free to vent your frustration, BUT do not hang on to it.  Let It Go! – then you’ll be in a much better place to sort things out.

Or even better, replace  “Oh *****!” and instead say “Oh well!”.  You’ll be amazed at the different effect it will have on how you feel.

Then, ask yourself: How can I get the result I wanted? How can I do both?  It’s easy to see things as black and white, especially in a moment of frustration, but usually there are a number of options.  It’s just a question of getting yourself in the frame of mind to realise.

Think of it differently:

Focussing on what's gone wrong, won't help.  Thinking of the situation in another way will help.   One way to do this is to ask yourself:  How is this the best thing that could have happened? 

This question always feels like a real stretch but it’s amazing what it turns up!  I encourage you to give it a go.

Make sure you learn.

In any situation, there is something we can learn.  After you’ve dealt with the situation, make some time to discover what you can learn from it?  

What went wrong?  How could it be avoided in future? What would work better? 

Then remember that it’s just as important to remember what went RIGHT!  When you’re disappointed, frustrated or angry, it’s easy to forget that bit, but probably lots of things went right, and when you’re planning a similar thing, you’ll want to hang on to what went right!

Next time something mucks up your plans, try these three things and see how it goes.

I’d love to hear your ways of coping when things go wrong – you can leave a comment below.

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