Business Success: How’s your year been so far?

Business Success:  HOW'S YOUR YEAR BEEN SO FAR?

By Jane Bennett

We’re half way through October and now –  before the Christmas rush is here – is a good time to reflect on the year so far – both for you and your business.  The year is whizzing by and  how much have you actually done?   Ask yourself these questions:

Have I done all I wanted to do this year? 

Have I reached the business goals I set for myself?

How true to myself have I been? 

How have I made a difference?

How happy am I with what I have achieved? 

If you can answer these questions really positively, then what you have on your visionboard should be close to reality. CONGRATULATIONS! Take a minute to reflect on how you did that.  Learn about all the things that you did to achieve what you did.  What about your mindset, your attitude – how did you approach things?  If you learn from your success you’re much more likely to have another good year in 2014  

If however, your answers are quite negative, make sure you do acknowledge what did work (before focussing on the rest) and review as above.  Then ask yourself it you still want the same things you did at the beginning of the year.  If so, consider what you could have done differently.  After all, if you do the same thing over and over, you’ll get the same results.  Find an alternative approach.

Once you’ve thought this through, now set out some plans for the rest of this year.  What can you do to make these months meaningful for you?  Once you’ve thought of something, ask yourself what the first step is, then take that step.  Then you can take the next one and so-on.  It sounds simple but it’s amazing how often people put off taking that first step – possibly because the first step is too big.  Break is down, what is the very first mini-step?  Now, go and do it!  Today!

Let me know how you did.

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