What’s your time worth to your business?

Woman:clockWe’ve now used up two weeks of 2014 already!  Did you start with a whirlwind of activity that might be hard to sustain, or did you ease yourself in gently. 

One of the reasons my programmes (Let’s Get It Done!) are so focussed on taking action is because it’s crucial in business to be aware of how you use your time.

So, today I have a little exercise for you which will really focus your mind!  You get to work out how much your time is worth to your business.  It’s quick to do, so here goes:

A  How much do you want to earn this year?…………….

B  How many hours a week do you work (want to work)?…………….

C  How many weeks a year do you?……………..

To find out how much each hour you work needs to earn, simply do the maths using your answers:

D   Multiply your answer to B x C

Then Divide your answer to A by your answer to D. 

For those who like it put mathematically:


______    =  £      1hr

(B x C)

Now that will should focus your mind!  If you realise now that you need to make better use of your time, then check out Let’s Get It Done! or give me a call: 07990 60671.

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