When you’re really busy:

When you’re really busy:

When you're really busy“When you have no time, is the best time to take a rest.”  I’ve seen that written and it’s true!  When you get busy, even if it’s busy because things are going so well, it’s crucial that you still keep up the things that nourish you.  It’s so easy to skip a yoga class, a meditation or a walk because it’s only this once, right?

It’s happened to me this week, I haven’t walked in the mornings.  I could blame it on all sorts of things:  the road closures changing the school bus pick-up point, the fact that I’ve had more appointments than usual, the fact that the weather’s been bad….but they would all be excuses.  The truth is, I haven’t prioritized my walking…..I’ve let it slip.

The result:  I’ve been snapping at the children more – in kicks the guilt! – I’ve felt much more stressed than I have in ages and I’m not enjoying feeling like that.  I also know it’s not sustainable because  when the stress chemicals kick in to play in your body, you can only keep going for so long before you crash.

So however well things are going; however hectic life is; you must, must, must look after you, so you can be your very best in your life and your business.  Prioritise the things that keep you happy and best able to deal with whatever you have going on.

Going for a walk now……!

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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