Where to start…the secret to achieving success

Where to start….

By Jane Bennett

The secret to achieving what you want in business and in life is down to how you start.  If you always have the end in mind and decide in advance what you want the outcome to be, you have a far greater chance of getting what you want.  Just like when you get in a taxi, you tell them where you want to go!  It’s a bit tricky for the driver if you just say “take me there” or “an airport” and you could end up anywhere!

So this week take a few minutes (or more if it’s an important project) before everything you do and decide what you want the outcome to be.  This is relevant for:

  • A networking meeting
  • Giving a talk
  • Writing a blog
  • Making a phone call
  • Making a complaint
  • Negotiating a purchase
  • A coaching call
  • Attending a training
  • A conversation
  • Delegating
  • Researching

….. and the list goes on.

Let’s take networking….if you just go along to a meeting, you’ll probably have a good time, make some contacts and think it’s gone well.  If you think in advance that you want, you’ll focus on it, the energy will be out there and odds on you’ll be more likely to achieve it.

  • It could be any number of things:
  • Speak to 3 new people
  • To find a group to give a talk to
  • Find someone who has your customers before you
  • Arrange a one-to-one meeting with someone you met last time
  • Find out about 3 other networking groups

….. These are just examples – what’s important for you and your business?

If you do this, not only are you more likely to achieve the outcome, you can also assess the success of your visit to the group more easily.

Have fun with it and notice the difference.


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