Who’s In Charge? You or Your Business?

Stressed woman at the officeWho's In Charge?  You or Your Business?

by Jane Bennett




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If you run your business from home you probably love having the flexibility to choose your hours, the freedom to work when you want to and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones when it counts. 

But is the reality as great as it sounds? Do you find boundaries blurring with your work taking over more and more of your time and relationships suffering – not to mention feeling the effect it’s having on you.

It’s great if you love your business so much that you want to work weekends, or if you’ve planned your week to take time out on weekdays and work the weekend, but it’s not OK just to work every spare moment or all the time, because you’ll burn out and so will your relationships.

The Good news is that if you’re working for yourself from home you have the power to change it.  It’s YOUR business and you should be running it, instead of having it rule your life. 

Your Visionboard (if you don’t have one check out my Visionboard workshop) should remind you of the lifestyle you want and you must start now by being the person you want to be.  Every day is your life, it’s about now as well as the future.  Here are some three tips to help you enjoy the journey:

  1. Plan your week so you know when you’ll work, and more importantly when you'll stop work.
  2. Focus on your major projects first everyday – the ones that will help you reach your vision.
  3. Notice how much time you spend (at your desk, sort of working but not really getting anything important done) and stop that!

I have plenty more, but my advice is: for now just pick one of these and actually do it.

Stressed woman at the officeIf you need more help (because I’ve just described what’s going on for you), then don’t dwell on how it happened and get yourself down, contact me for a no obligation chat and we’ll talk it through and work out your next step.


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