Why I have doubts about it

Valentine’s Day musings:

heart flowersWhat’s your view of Valentine’s Day?   I’ve always thought it a rather cruel occasion: If you’re in a wonderful relationship then it’s nice but irrelevant really, but if you’re not in a relationship and would like to be, then it just rubs it in (every which way you turn you see hearts) and it’s miserable.

So……everyone deserves a Valentine’s gift! Wouldn’t you agree?

Can you tell where I’m going with this? You guessed it : ) The perfect Valentine’s Gift for yourself or someone else – a wonderful vision of their future – a gift of a place on a Vision Board Workshop  where they’ll get to really connect with what they want in their future. Gorgeous Gift Certificates available – just contact me.

And still on the theme of love…..

Today’s motivational tip:

To be really successful, love what you do, love the way you do it (ie do it your way) and the rest will follow. If you don’t enjoy some of the things you need to do, rethink how you do them, ask yourself “How can I make this fun?” (In summer I work outside, I’ll talk things through with someone rather than sit at my desk uninspired, do whatever works for you.)

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day for Saturday!

Ps the link for the Vision Board info is: http://janebennett.tv/vision-board-information/

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