Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

by Jane Bennett

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Yes, let’s be honest, most New Year’s resolutions fail!  That’s the bad news, but here’s the good news:  it’s not because you (or anyone else) is hopeless- you’re not.  It's because of a number of reasons.  (Keep reading to find out why this is relevant to your business : )  Here are my 5 top reasons why people’s resolutions fail:  

  • The resolutions are not thought through.  They may just be the same ones as last year – hauled out again for another airing, just to be put away by the end of January!  Even if they are new ones, just airily saying ‘I’m going to do……. ‘ Is not enough, especially if the focus is on not doing something.
  • You have no strategy or plan of how you’re going to achieve them!  You need to work out how you’re going to make your resolutions stick!
  • You don’t have the right support!  Everyone has their moments, a dip in energy, a blip in enthusiasm, so it’s important to have someone cheer you on!
  • You don’t focus on what it’ll really mean to you and your life when you do achieve them.  That’s what will really keep you motivated , so it has to be your focus.  (Having a vision board is a great way to stay focussed)  
  • You don’t de-prioritise other things, so doing “stuff” gets in the way!  Some habits, or things you do, may have to go in order to achieve what you want!  But if you really want it that’s OK, right?

So there you have it!  Those are the top 5 reasons why New Year's Resolutions fail and also the reasons why you don't get the important things done in your business.  

The good news is that my programmes address all of these for your business and make sure that you actually do what you resolve to do in your business:

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Hope to see you soon!


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