Why you must not just listen to your customers

Why you must not just listen to your customers

Recently I needed to use the wifi at a venue (which shall remain nameless) and asked for the password.  It was the longest password I’ve ever seen – something like this:

XWY9d72kdfnqjdhzgmgnakjdbakgjnlJOTwlekjdbIBKRJKDNBn4n  !!

It may be ok for the venue’s staff who’s computers remember the password, but to type into your phone…..can you imagine?  We made a comment and were greeted with a grin and “yes, lots of people complain about that”.

So WHY haven’t they changed it?

They have clearly listened to their customers, heard what they say, but done absolutely nothing to make the customers’ experience better!  They may as well have said “no entry to wifi”!

That’s why I say you must not just listen.  You need to act on what you learn.
I’m sure (hoping with all my heart) that you’re not doing anything like that, but what have your customers told you that you can take action on today to improve their experience?

Make it fun, make it easy, make it happen!

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